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Valoris English Center is the outcome of more than 20 years of research and practice of general English and English for Specific purposes development. We have covered field such as English for Finance, Banking, Accounting, Marketing and Sales, Management, Chemistry, Information and Communication Technologies, Agriculture, Politics and Diplomacy, Economics, Law, International Relations, International Trade, Production and Supply Chain, Anthropology and Sociology, etc.

Our experience also consisted in identifying the relevant methods of instruction that could successfully help achieve outstanding and more sustainable results in shorter periods. We've carefully studied learners for many year and our insights enabled to design relevant didactic methods and material that do work and do make a difference!

The Valoris Method effectively develops the skills of listening, reading, writing, and especially speaking fluent English! Indeed, our experience of linguistic and sociolinguistic dynamics has revealed that a language spoken develops better within the speaker, while improving self confidence and other language skills. Our listening and speaking activities are carefully tailored to make a positive difference: We mobilize real-world oral interactions situations to create an active, pleasant and efficient learning experience.

Moreover, Valoris being a university of technologies, the Language Center does make positive use of technological tools to enhance the learning experience and the results.

Bottomline: at Valoris, we train you to be comfortable with the most well known real English accents of the world! This increases your serenity to interact with much more native speakers around the world!

Join! Experience! And Communicate effectively!


(03) Mois de cours intensifs pour chaque niveau : BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED

Les cours sont dispensés par des formateurs expérimentés.


ENGLISH Language Center

3 months
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